Why SEO is the most effective online marketing tool? A few examples of search engine optimization results

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Why SEO is the most effective online marketing tool? A few examples of search engine optimization results

Máté Balázs, online consultant

I couldn’t even buy a cup of coffee with the money that Marketing Professzorok spent on Google Ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads or advertising in general during the last 5 years. We don’t even have the time to properly update this website. A shoemaker has the worst shoes. A good shoemaker, that is, who has so much work that he simply can’t find the time to fix his own shoes. A well-optimized website has no advertisement costs, as it focuses only on content marketing and SEO.

Why SEO is the most effective online marketing tool? A few examples of search engine optimization results

Who is the best SEO consultant?

We don’t really care about our SEO consultant competition either. We don’t get involved with the war among SEO consultants, nor their negative PR work, which they to use against us when they see our successes. We have neither the time nor the need for such mudslinging tactics. These are the results of SEO: 4-5 daily quote requests, from which we try to choose the best ones that we find genuinely interesting. Hotel SEO, restaurant search engine optimization, online healthcare marketing and quality online stores. These are the ones we’re truly interested in, but that doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t take any other SEO jobs. Oh, and we don’t focus solely on search engine optimization, even if that would mean less work for us.


But what, then, makes search engine optimization effective? Let me show you!


The process of effective search engine optimization

SEO doesn’t mean a thing without a good strategy. It’s not simply about a few words, nothing really matters, as long as we can ultimately drive conversions. During my lectures at the university, I always emphasize that search engine optimization is not about ranking better with one or a few words on Google or on Live search. Here are the steps of SEO:


Developing an SEO strategy

We start all of our online marketing jobs with a marketing audit, which has been our approach for the last 10 years. Seeing its results, many try to copy this method nowadays. However, an audit and the subsequently developed marketing strategy can only be effective if:


  1. It’s done by an experienced professional, who’s fluent in both SEO and the basics of online marketing. The more companies, projects and problems they’ve encountered, the more tricks, tips, and solutions they’ll have up their sleeves. New SEO and marketing consultants are popping up every day. But the 20 years of experience that I’ve collected by optimizing entire websites of multinational enterprises or developing and implementing entire online marketing solutions for SMBs is something that nobody else will have. The processes of search engine optimization are advancing, changing, of course, and one has to keep up with the times, but experience will always be the most important aspect.
  2. It’s done by an educated professional. ‘Online marketing consultant’ and ‘SEO expert’ are interesting professions in that they don’t require any qualifications. To be a photographer in Hungary, and to be able bill your clients, you have to have a degree. Unfortunately, that’s not true when it comes to SEO exerts and online marketers. In fact, you can be successful, rank highly on Google’s SERPs for certain keywords, and you can even have numerous visitors on your blog, because you talk about anything that comes to your mind, but that doesn’t make you a good online marketer or a good SEO consultant. But what about rankings? Surely, they are the only things that matter in search engine optimization, right? They are very important, yes, but they don’t show the whole picture. SEO is the most effective tool of online marketing, but it’s only one among many. You need to connect the dots, you need scientific foundations, and, of course, up-to-date knowledge. If someone didn’t study this at the university, or didn’t even go to university, then they won’t get the full picture of marketing as a profession, which would ultimately lead to conversions and success.


A search engine optimization strategy, therefore, can only be successful, if you develop it with the help of an expert that has the necessary experiences and insights regarding marketing. SEO, in itself, will only get you a bunch of empty traffic.


The basis of successful SEO is proper keyword selection

You can rank as number one for a keyword, but what good does it do if it doesn’t get you enough clients? An online store owner isn’t happy to see empty traffic on their website. Therefore, we measure the results of SEO not in visitors, but in conversions (the exception being the SEO of online magazines). From Google Ads’ own system to our in-house developed tool that we use to find relevant keywords, dozens of keyword research solutions exist on the internet.


The keywords list is based on both research and our own experiences. In the last 20 years, I’ve seen many things, as in, what can bring success and what can’t. Attention must be paid, of course, to LSI keywords and synonyms, as well as crafting copy that targets people with different mindsets.


Search engine optimization and content marketing – Just what you need!

If a friend of mine asks me how they can get more clients, then my first advice is (provided they have a website that’s based on SEO) that they should write more content! Content marketing is the driving force behind SEO. For a well-optimized website, you need content marketing, keyword research and an SEO strategy.

SEO results are measurable

It’s one thing that this blog ranks among the top results for every online marketing and search engine optimization-related keyword on both Google and Live SERPs, but can we also do this for our clients? We have a client who we’ve been helping with SEO and online marketing for 18 years. This wouldn’t be the case if we weren’t successful.


Case in point: take a look at this example from Google Analytics!


How much does search engine optimization cost?

As you can see, the marketing system and the included SEO strategy we provide for our clients are the results of a tried and tested, efficient consultation process, based on professional experiences and scientific knowledge. But what does it cost for a business?


I always say that you can get to the seaside with all sorts of cars. You can buy a Trabant, but you can also buy a BMW. The BMW will no doubt get you to the sea, but it’s also more comfortable and safer than the Trabant. Whichever you choose, you decide how hard you’re stepping on the gas. If you push it harder, you’ll get there faster, but your car will use more fuel too. There is, however, an ideal speed, where your car uses an ideal amount of gasoline, but you also get to your destination relatively quickly. This is that ideal speed that we’ll find for you during our online marketing audit!

Online marketing consultant since 1998

After graduating from my diplomas, I could not decide whether to stay on the scientific career or place my interest in marketing on a business basis. So let's both co-exist, I thought, and started writing it for a doctorate in marketing, I taught at university, while I founded the Marketing Professors BTL Communication Agency. In the past, I played a role in the marketing communication of more than 500 SMEs and dozens of large companies. I did not provide the research, and with my team we have built a marketing communication strategy that can be effectively and cost-effectively implemented in virtually all industries through search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and content marketing (publishing). If you've got to know that Ti also needs such an effective marketing communication strategy, ask our offer if you do not already feel the overwhelming power of the Internet, read our articles, but I know your time is coming.

Online marketing consultant since 1998

Online Marketing Advice - What Does It Mean To Do This Business?

Online marketing is not the same as offline marketing. Reaction’s times, reactions, and tools are quite different. Whether it is a small business or a number of brands in a pharmaceutical company, the proven sales and marketing experience can not be adapted to the online world. A company introduction or even a well-written marketing text is not enough. We not only write about potential buyers on the Internet, but also the search engines and the habits of Internet users. But if we hit them, we get a yarn that brings us commercials that are free or not, so many people get what we can not hope for using traditional tools. What should I do for this? Search engine optimization? Community Media Marketing? Content Marketing? A creative idea and a lot of experience, and above all, well-developed marketing strategy!

Online PR and Publishing

In addition to online marketing, Publishing and online PR are part of a complex marketing strategy. By working with pharmaceutical factories, I learned what to do if we are not only have to defeat, denigrate hardcore and capital-intensive competition but also fight against authorities and the media. I've taken part in many projects in which we were not even allowed to say what we want to sell, but we were expect to present concrete sales figures at the headquarters of the multinational corporation as a result of online PR or publishing. It can not be mistaken because all eyes of competition and the media are on us, and we can expect millions of penalties for the slightest breakthrough. Still, records have been decided on sales growth figures!

Online marketing lectures, education and research

I teach not only student training, but also theoretical research as an instructor at the Szent István University Marketing Institute of Gödöllő. My doctoral (PHD) work is also about online marketing. During the day-to-day practice of the university research work and & nbsp; Marketing Professors Ltd., I can gain experience that few people today in Hungary. The combination of theoretical university research and the merciless challenges of business life, supported by cutting-edge EU sources, is an effective and competitive knowledge. I try to convey them not only to my students but also to my colleagues at international marketing conferences, but also to my clients in everyday practice. Search Engine Optimization, Facebook Marketing, AdWords Campaigns, LinkedIn, and I could classify the corporate courses I've held in recent years, placed in companies.

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