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Porfessional online marketing training for your enterprise

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fooldal > Online Marketing Training Customized for Your Company’s Needs

Online Marketing Training Customized for Your Company’s Needs

Do you want to make your team more competent in the world of online marketing, but you couldn’t do without them while they are undergoing their training? Would you like to get tips tailored specifically to the field that your company operates in?


Then our Marketing Training is Perfect for You!

The knowledge we are ready to share with you was gathered through our 15 years of professional history, which involved working with more than 200 clients and constant publication. This knowledge is constantly getting deeper and richer thanks to our everyday experiences and also to the academic background provided by Szent István University.


But why would we want to share all of this with your company? Don’t worry, we aren’t crazy. This industry is constantly evolving, so every day there is new experiences to be had and new knowledge to be gained.


Customized Marketing Training – How is it done?

During our customized marketing training we are able to train several people at the same time. Prior to the training, we discuss your goals, target audience, products and/or services with you or your representatives, and also take a look at all the marketing tools currently available to you. Based on these points we assemble your training materials, which will contain tips and tricks for your specific needs.


Who do we recommend our Online Marketing Training to?

Everyone who would like to do marketing in a business environment. CEO’s, marketing managers, and everyone who could benefit from gaining a deeper understanding about online marketing and all the different processes that make it up.


Beginner or advanced training – it’s up to you. After our initial consultation, we assemble your training materials according to your needs and requests. If you’ve never dealt with marketing before, then we can start from the basics – but if it’s the more advanced tips you want, then don’t hesitate to ask for them!


Online Marketing Course – Participant limitations, pricing and more…

Any number of people may join our marketing training, so there is nothing limiting the number participants. We are also flexible when it comes to choosing a location and can even provide one, if requested.

Since our training is customized, the price is affected by many things, such as special requests and needs. If you’d like to take your marketing to the next level and make real money on the internet, then click HERE and request a proposal!

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Up-to-date online marketing tips and case studies
Online marketing consultant since 1998

After graduating from my diplomas, I could not decide whether to stay on the scientific career or place my interest in marketing on a business basis. So let's both co-exist, I thought, and started writing it for a doctorate in marketing, I taught at university, while I founded the Marketing Professors BTL Communication Agency. In the past, I played a role in the marketing communication of more than 500 SMEs and dozens of large companies. I did not provide the research, and with my team we have built a marketing communication strategy that can be effectively and cost-effectively implemented in virtually all industries through search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and content marketing (publishing). If you've got to know that Ti also needs such an effective marketing communication strategy, ask our offer if you do not already feel the overwhelming power of the Internet, read our articles, but I know your time is coming.

Online marketing consultant since 1998
Online Marketing Advice - What Does It Mean To Do This Business?

Online marketing is not the same as offline marketing. Reaction’s times, reactions, and tools are quite different. Whether it is a small business or a number of brands in a pharmaceutical company, the proven sales and marketing experience can not be adapted to the online world. A company introduction or even a well-written marketing text is not enough. We not only write about potential buyers on the Internet, but also the search engines and the habits of Internet users. But if we hit them, we get a yarn that brings us commercials that are free or not, so many people get what we can not hope for using traditional tools. What should I do for this? Search engine optimization? Community Media Marketing? Content Marketing? A creative idea and a lot of experience, and above all, well-developed marketing strategy!

Online PR and Publishing

In addition to online marketing, Publishing and online PR are part of a complex marketing strategy. By working with pharmaceutical factories, I learned what to do if we are not only have to defeat, denigrate hardcore and capital-intensive competition but also fight against authorities and the media. I've taken part in many projects in which we were not even allowed to say what we want to sell, but we were expect to present concrete sales figures at the headquarters of the multinational corporation as a result of online PR or publishing. It can not be mistaken because all eyes of competition and the media are on us, and we can expect millions of penalties for the slightest breakthrough. Still, records have been decided on sales growth figures!

Online marketing lectures, education and research

I teach not only student training, but also theoretical research as an instructor at the Szent István University Marketing Institute of Gödöllő. My doctoral (PHD) work is also about online marketing. During the day-to-day practice of the university research work and & nbsp; Marketing Professors Ltd., I can gain experience that few people today in Hungary. The combination of theoretical university research and the merciless challenges of business life, supported by cutting-edge EU sources, is an effective and competitive knowledge. I try to convey them not only to my students but also to my colleagues at international marketing conferences, but also to my clients in everyday practice. Search Engine Optimization, Facebook Marketing, AdWords Campaigns, LinkedIn, and I could classify the corporate courses I've held in recent years, placed in companies.