Online Marketing Misconceptions in 2019

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Online Marketing Misconceptions in 2019

Máté Balázs, online marketing tanácsadó

Interview with Balázs Máté, chief consultant of online marketing agency Marketing Professzorok in a Hungarian marketing newspaper MediaPiac, June 2019.

Online Marketing Misconceptions in 2019

For 20 years, Marketing Professzorok has been representing innovative online marketing counseling in Hungary. You’d have a hard time finding agencies that compare to them when it comes to search engine optimization: there are almost no marketing-related words that the blog of Balázs Máté doesn’t rank highly for. Updated on a daily basis with content based on their research results and professional experience, it’s no surprise that this is currently the most visited online marketing blog in the country. The company also has 11 online newspapers, all with their respective Facebook pages, which so far have amassed more than 2 million fans. Balázs has more than 37 thousand followers on Instagram, so we think it’s justified to say that he is well qualified to give a summary of the marketing trends that dominated the first half of 2019.


Many still think of Facebook as some sort of a magical tool, even though it has gone through many radical changes since last year’s infamous “Facebook Zero”. Do you think that Facebook is still the king of online marketing tools in 2019?
Although Facebook is still the social network with the most users, its relevancy is constantly decreasing. The younger generations use it mostly because of Messenger, its visitor base is slowly getting older, and organic reach is still dropping. Yet, it’s not impossible to reach thousands of users with a well-managed Facebook page. Posts published on our newspapers’ own pages often manage to reach more than 50 thousand users, so they are still a viable way of attracting visitors/customers to a website.


What’s the deal with Instagram?

Instagram is thriving. More and more people over 40 use it on a daily basis. However, Instagram is still more of a tool for PR, rather than one for marketing, even though you can put a link to your website in every Story if you manage to get 10 thousand followers.


Instagram bots are getting more and more popular. What are your thoughts on that?

An Instagram bot is a marketing automation software, and it’s not the same thing as buying followers, which many people confuse it with. A well-put-together Instagram bot is capable of gaining real, Hungarian followers from your target audience who are genuinely interested in your profile, otherwise they wouldn’t follow you. Most celebrities and city marketers use them, but don’t talk about it, because they think it’s embarrassing. However, in reality, an Instagram bot is much less annoying for users than the expensive and intrusive ads you see on Instagram. I’d say if someone doesn’t use them, then they’re missing out on something that may or may not last.


Which marketing tool do you think is the best for delivering cost-efficient results in 2019?

Search engine optimization. In a world where more and more people install ad blockers on their devices, it’s more important than ever. However, SEO doesn’t mean ranking well for a few word in Google – it‘s a complete strategy, which allows you to rank among the top results for any words your potential clients would search for.


Online marketing consultant since 1998

After graduating from my diplomas, I could not decide whether to stay on the scientific career or place my interest in marketing on a business basis. So let's both co-exist, I thought, and started writing it for a doctorate in marketing, I taught at university, while I founded the Marketing Professors BTL Communication Agency. In the past, I played a role in the marketing communication of more than 500 SMEs and dozens of large companies. I did not provide the research, and with my team we have built a marketing communication strategy that can be effectively and cost-effectively implemented in virtually all industries through search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and content marketing (publishing). If you've got to know that Ti also needs such an effective marketing communication strategy, ask our offer if you do not already feel the overwhelming power of the Internet, read our articles, but I know your time is coming.

Online marketing consultant since 1998

Online Marketing Advice - What Does It Mean To Do This Business?

Online marketing is not the same as offline marketing. Reaction’s times, reactions, and tools are quite different. Whether it is a small business or a number of brands in a pharmaceutical company, the proven sales and marketing experience can not be adapted to the online world. A company introduction or even a well-written marketing text is not enough. We not only write about potential buyers on the Internet, but also the search engines and the habits of Internet users. But if we hit them, we get a yarn that brings us commercials that are free or not, so many people get what we can not hope for using traditional tools. What should I do for this? Search engine optimization? Community Media Marketing? Content Marketing? A creative idea and a lot of experience, and above all, well-developed marketing strategy!

Online PR and Publishing

In addition to online marketing, Publishing and online PR are part of a complex marketing strategy. By working with pharmaceutical factories, I learned what to do if we are not only have to defeat, denigrate hardcore and capital-intensive competition but also fight against authorities and the media. I've taken part in many projects in which we were not even allowed to say what we want to sell, but we were expect to present concrete sales figures at the headquarters of the multinational corporation as a result of online PR or publishing. It can not be mistaken because all eyes of competition and the media are on us, and we can expect millions of penalties for the slightest breakthrough. Still, records have been decided on sales growth figures!

Online marketing lectures, education and research

I teach not only student training, but also theoretical research as an instructor at the Szent István University Marketing Institute of Gödöllő. My doctoral (PHD) work is also about online marketing. During the day-to-day practice of the university research work and & nbsp; Marketing Professors Ltd., I can gain experience that few people today in Hungary. The combination of theoretical university research and the merciless challenges of business life, supported by cutting-edge EU sources, is an effective and competitive knowledge. I try to convey them not only to my students but also to my colleagues at international marketing conferences, but also to my clients in everyday practice. Search Engine Optimization, Facebook Marketing, AdWords Campaigns, LinkedIn, and I could classify the corporate courses I've held in recent years, placed in companies.

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